Bjarne Vennegaard started his first company in 1981 in rented premises at Nybovej 12 in Holstebro. In the beginning the only production was measuring instruments and electronics. Two years later he bought half part in the company HV Elektro Gartnerivej 17, with which the business was expanded with the production of special machinery. In 1991 the two partners went their separate ways, with Chresten Hovmøller Madsen continued HV Elektro and Bjarne Vennegaard started BV Teknik. BV Teknik moved into rented premises at Nybo Dalen 1, where production consisted entirely of special machinery for plastics, food and wood industries. Here were the sites soon to small, and therefore the company in 1997 bought new premises at Nybo Bakke 6, whereby BV Teknik now had 1700 m2. A few years later the sites were too small, and there was enlarged with a new production hall of 550 m2. In 2005, an additional hall was built, which today include functions such as warehouse. BV Teknik was in the first 7 years personally owned by Bjarne Vennegaard, but from the 1. October 1998 the company was transformed into a limited company and changed its name to the current BV Teknik A / S. In February 2004 bought Peder Nørgaard share in the company. Peder Nørgaard and Bjarne Vennegaard has since been managers of BV Teknik A / S and are in community performing the leadership.

Further expansion of production facilities in 2019.


40 years of experience

BV Teknik has 40 years of experience in building advanced special machines and other high-tech equipment.

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